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Adoption Homestudies Consulting Inc. has extensive experience assisting US military personnel stationed abroad realize their dream of adopting. The keystone of the entire adoption process is the “home study“, whereby a US home-study preparer (either a licensed clinical psychologist/therapist or a social worker) assists you in ascertaining, among other things, not only if you are willing, however, also prepared and able for the responsibilities of parenting. Below you will find 5 questions to ask anyone doing your home study, as well as 11 reasons why to choose Adoption Homestudies Consulting for this purpose.

WHY USE Adoption Homestudies Consulting Inc. FOR YOUR ADOPTION HOME STUDY?

  • Because we are a home-study agency, our studies are guaranteed to pass the USCIS (INS) approval.
    We have years of experience to do this type of work. Unless your FBI clearance reveals something we do not know about, you will be approved!
  • We are familiar with the nuances of living overseas for expatriates, military and diplomatic families.
    Many of our staff have lived overseas and we have multilingual staff. We understand the overseas environment and will work with you to navigate through both international and employment-related situations. Because we have staff residing in Europe, we can offer understanding and timely service.
  • Fees paid to Adoption Homestudies Consulting Inc. can be claimed under the military-adoption reimbursement program.We have modest fees – paid to an agency licensed to perform adoption and adoption-related services.
    Our fees are modestly set and are not artificially inflated to pay for services from another licensed agency. We also do not add post-placement visits into our quotes. We know many of you will be transferred prior to completion of the post-placements. In some buy provigil online uk cases we may be required to collect the post-placement fees in advance, but they will always be a separate, itemized fee. If we do not complete the visits, then the applicable fees are returned.
  • Our studies are easily accepted by other adoption agencies, including the U.S. foster-care system.
    The U.S. Foster-Care system will only accept studies done by a licensed and insured agency. Please verify your home-study provider’s status by checking with the State Licensing Specialist.
  • Home studies done through a licensed agency are readily accepted by foreign countries or by other agencies.
    Many foreign countries will only accept studies done by a licensed and insured agency that will accept responsibility beyond the home study, i. e. post-placements, etc. Home studies by independent social workers are generally not accepted.
  • We offer ethical, friendly and reliable services.
    In a contract with Adoption Homestudies Consulting Inc. you receive exactly what it states. We do not cooperate with unethical services in other countries, or outside the legal system. You communicate directly with the agency staff and receive individual attention. We assist you in documenting everything necessary for your adoption. Our staff residing in Europe will be available for home visits and direct communication.
  • We offer years of experience!
    Information is available about our completed adoption-placement history, and referral requests are always welcome.
  • We are a member in good standing of the JCICS.
    The Joint Council on International Children Services, is the premier organization on adoption services, similar to the BBB of adoption. Agencies must meet strict entry criteria to join.

Adoption Homestudies Consulting Inc., a small personalized agency, offering services worldwide.

  US Air-Force policy on adoptive leave (PDF)
  DoD Adoption Reimbursement Program (PDF)

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