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U.S. Waiting Children

At present, there are some 134,000 children waiting for permanent homes within the U.S. Foster-Care system. Adoption Homestudies Consulting Inc. wishes to help these children find their forever families.

Adopt Abroad - International Adoption ServicesOur families can register with the various buy soma american express adoption exchanges and networks. Families have greater access to children who are free for adoption regardless of their location.

This is of special interest to Americans living abroad, who seek to adopt. Adopting U.S. waiting children was difficult at best. U.S. child placing agencies are willing to work with us to prepare you with home study and placement consulting.

Our experienced clinical staff will help you choose a child that fits your family. We will review the child’s records and speak to the child’s social worker to help ensure a happy placement.

Waiting children are of all ages and races. There are many sibling groups looking for forever families as well. Most states offer some benefit packages to help with the costs associated with raising children. Our clinical staff will help you with this.

Sometimes all a child needs is that one adult who cares…

U.S. Foster Care Adoptions

Adoption Homestudies Consulting Inc. is proud to say we have a very active foster care adoption home studies program designed for the U.S. military and expatriate community. We have placed several children over the past years, primarily in Germany. We are expanding this program into Japan and several other European countries.

Adopt Abroad - International Adoption ServicesThe foster care adoption program requires a joint effort between the agency & the adoptive family. Adopt Abroad’s social workers will help advise you on the programs and give you a realistic overview of foster care adoptions. Our workers will perform your home study and be there for the required post-placement services.

Families who commit to our U.S. foster care adoption program will then be eligible to search the various adoption networks for available children. Our staff will contact the children’s social worker and present your family to them. Our clinical staff will review the children’s profiles to see how they might fit into your family.

Children Available: Generally the children are from ages 1 and up. There are many sibling groups available. This program is not advisable for families seeking very young children as they are most often placed immediately with in-state families. Younger children are often in sibling groups.

Family Requirements: Very flexible. This program is open to singles (female & male) married couples & families with children. The focus is on whether the family can meet the needs of the children.

The Process: The adoption process varies slightly from state to state but generally goes as such: The family commits to our foster care adoption process. Our social workers meet with the family for the home study process. The families search for children they might be interested in. We contact the children’s workers and discusses their profiles and the adoptive family. Families are selected as potential matches and given more extensive information on the children. The family will travel to the child’s state for an in-person meeting If the match looks good we help with the required formalities. The child is brought to or picked up by the adoptive family. A period of 6 months “foster to adopt” begins & post placement supervision is performed. After a successful 6 month period there is court finalization. Families may or may not have to travel for this.

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